At CoTa Care Chiropractic and Wellness we strive for each patient to feel empowered about the capabilities of their body. We look at the body as a whole and we work with you to help get your body moving and operating at its maximum potential through chiropractic care, movement enhancement, and education. SCHEDULE YOUR APPOINTMENT TODAY so we can discover the full power of your body!


Services offered at CoTa Care Chiropractic and Wellness.


Each new patient will undergo a thorough chiropractic exam on their initial visit. Dr. Rhea will take a detailed case history, perform exams as needed in order to get to the root of your problem.


Chiropractic adjustments are hands on adjustments made to the spine that will help increase the movement of the spine, and to remove interference of the nervous system. 

Soft Tissue

Dr. Rhea will perform a variety of soft tissue mobilizations, as needed, in order to facilitate the chiropractic adjustment. This includes trigger point therapy, muscle scrapping, and instrument assisted therapy as needed. 

Functional Tape

Dr. Rhea is Level 1 certified in RockTape application. RockTape can be as a supportive treatment to help provide support to the problem area.


A customized home exercise plan addressing muscular imbalances contributing to the pain felt or decreased movement  in the problem area.


It is Dr. Rhea's mission for you to feel empowered to take control of your wellness. We will do what we can to provide you with the support that you need in order to become pain free and operating at your maximum potential.