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Dr. Rhea Conley

Chiropractic Physician

Certified in RockTape Level 1&2

FAKTR Trained

Certified in Applied Kinesiology

Dry Needling Certificate Holder

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Dr. Rhea Conley was born and raised in the upstate of South Carolina. One thing for certain is that since a young age, Dr. Rhea has loved to move! She spent most of her life in a gym tagging along with her father as he coached various high school sports teams, which is where her love for sports originated. At the age of 6, she fell in love with dance after her mother enrolled her in her first dance class. If you would have asked a 10-year-old Rhea what she wanted to be when she got older, she would have told you; "I want to be a dancing doctor." 

​She graduated from the University of South Carolina with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science. She earned her Doctorate of Chiropractic at Sherman College of Chiropractic. After graduating Sherman, she moved to South Florida and worked in a busy chiropractic office as an associate Chiropractor.  

Dr. Rhea founded CoTa Care Chiropractic and Wellness in 2018 to follow her passion of helping people take control of their wellness by living an active life full of movement. She wants to help her clients achieve their goals by allowing their bodies to function at its highest potential. Operating at the highest potential means the ability to do what you want to do without the limitations of pain or discomfort; for example, playing with your kids, riding bikes, playing a round of golf, performing your duties for work, or going for an evening stroll. At CoTa Care our goal is to remove obstacles that would otherwise prevent one from being able to enjoy the physical activities they once enjoyed or would like to enjoy. 


​In her free time, Dr. Rhea loves living an active life as well. She is in the gym regularly. She has experience in CrossFit and has competed in local competitions, she has run 4 half marathons, and she completed her first Spartan Race. Dr. Rhea loves dancing salsa, being in nature, watching Carolina Gamecock football, and spending time with her family.

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