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  • Do you take x-rays in your office?
    We do not take xrays at CoTa Care Chiropractic and Wellness. If you or Dr. Rhea feel that you need xrays prior to treatment, you will be referred to either a local imaging center or the local chiropractic college. You are also welcomed to bring xrays that you have had taken in the past year.
  • Do you accept insurance?
    At this time CoTa Care we only accept Medicare, FSA and HSA. You can call the number provided for our fees.
  • Do chiropractic adjustments hurt?
    Dr. Rhea adjusts the force of the adjustments based on your body. With an adjustment you will feel a pressure applied the area that is being adjusted. You may hear or feel a popping noise during an adjustment which is just a release of gas that had built up pressure in the joints. Most adjustments do not hurt, but sometimes there is some sensitivity if there is an active muscle spasm in the area being adjusted. Dr. Rhea does have low force options availble for those who may have underlying conditions contraindicating a manual adjustment.
  • Will I be sore after an adjustment?
    Each body and person is different. Some people experience soreness after an adjustment, while most people do not experience soreness. If experienced, soreness typically goes away within 2-3 days.
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